Lotta Borg Skoglund

Swedish MD, PhD, author, keynote speaker specialized in ADHD

Why care?

Aren't people talking a bit too much about ADHD these days? Doesn't each and every other kid blame their failures on some kind of letter combination nowadays? Wasn't it better back in the day, when children knew how to behave and weren't so coddled? Well, if you ask me, we have a lot to gain from taking ADHD seriously!

ADHD is common, serious and expensive

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ADHD and ADD are characterized by symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention, and it makes you require adaptations and support to make everyday life work. ADHD is:

  • prevalent (affecting 3-9% of children and adults worldwide), 
  • persistent (50-75% of children have impairing symptoms carry them into adulthood), and 
  • serious (when undetected, life expectancy is reduced by 8-13 years).

To mitigate psychosocial adversity and comorbidity associated with undiagnosed and untreated ADHD, those affected need to be detected and get access to adequately tailored, evidence-based treatment.

Today boys are getting a mean head start on girls with at least 4 years.

ADHD girls: the invisible kid

Girls and women remain un- or misdiagnosed, struggle in school and with peer relations, develop comorbid anxiety, depression or eating disorders, and are at risk for addiction, sexual victimization, and underaged parenthood, affecting themselves and their loved ones in every aspect of life. All the while people around them wonder what happened to the good little girl...

ADHD is inherited through generations

The male body has been, and still is, the societal and medical norm. But females are not just smaller men. Ignoring biological factors, such as sex hormones, will have long-term consequences for girls and women. On the other hand, by improving psychosocial and sexual health in girls and young women, we can influence mental and public health outcomes in generations to come!

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About me

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I am a Swedish M.D., Ph.D., author, keynote speaker and entrepreneur, specialized in psychiatry/addiction and family medicine with a specific focus on ADHD and ADD. In 2015 I defended my thesis, When ADHD and Substance use Disorders Coexist - Etiology and Pharmacological Treatment at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.

I’m currently holding a position as Associate Professor at Uppsala UniversityDepartment for Women’s and Children’s Health, where I continue my research into ADHD, comorbidity and gender influences. I am specifically interested in how hormones affect mental health across the female lifespan. A field that is not even close to being researched enough! Together with colleagues from around the world I lead the pioneering research group GODDESS ADHD.

ADHD is Chaotic, Costly & Complicated. We need Competence, Community & Compassion.