Lotta Borg Skoglund

Swedish MD, PhD, author, keynote speaker specialized in ADHD

Years Pass, ADHD Lasts

Getting Your Diagnosis as a Adult and Aging with ADHD

Original title: Åren går, ADHD består

““Research and common sense at the same time. The book gives you increased insight, it's concrete and interesting. I highly recommended it to both relatives, healthcare staff, neighbors, employers, and indeed anyone who wants to understand and get to know their fellow human beings.””

Reader review


Today, we know that ADHD is common and is very rarely outgrown. Yet, we know so little about ADHD in an aging population. Most older individuals who receive a diagnosis today have lived their entire lives without understanding the pattern of repeated difficulties and setbacks. Perhaps a child's or grandchild's diagnosis serves as an eye-opener. For many, this new knowledge provides them with the opportunity to look back and reflect on things they have felt and experienced over the years. 

It's time for older adults with ADHD to have a book about their lives and their struggles. This book is about receiving a diagnosis late in life and about aging with ADHD. The focus is on the changes, both in body and in life, that occur to varying degrees for all of us during these years. And the importance of receiving the right explanatory model, even if it comes late in life. 

Language: Swedish