Lotta Borg Skoglund

Swedish MD, PhD, author, keynote speaker specialized in ADHD

ADHD - Girls to Women

Getting on the Radar

Original title: ADHD: från duktig flicka till utbränd kvinna

“"Women will feel seen and heard in ways which have been missing for years. This will be top of my list for recommended reads." ”

Jo Steer, Chartered Clinical Psychologist and author of Understanding ADHD in Girls and Women 


ADHD girls and women often fall under the radar. This rigorous and accessible book connects current research - which until recently has mostly focused on men - to the lived experiences of girls and women with ADHD, weaving in their personal struggles and breakthroughs throughout their lives from childhood and the teen years through to motherhood, menopause and beyond. 

Lotta Borg Skoglund combines years of experience in the treatment and assessment of ADHD with the powerful testimonies of the women she has encountered along the way. 

Language: Swedish

Also available in English, Danish, Estonian and Korean.

Said about the book:

"Every healthcare practitioner and allied professional working with girls and women with ADHD should read this book. " 

Susan Young, PhD and author of 
A Guide to Getting a Job and Career for People with ADHD

"We highly recommend that everyone reads this book, which is not only for women, mothers or daughters. Anyone who wants to know more about ADHD in women and girls needs this book " 

Chantel Fouche, ADHD Europe

Research tip

20231128 Time After Time 600X400

Time After Time

In this study we show a 4-year diagnostic delay for females who also show more multimorbidity, polypharmacy and health care utilization than males with, and females without, ADHD.

Research tip

20220601 Hormonal Contraceptive Use

Teenage pregnancies and ADHD

Women with ADHD are at risk of becoming teenage mothers. The reasons are not fully explored, but in this study, we show that they have a higher risk than controls of depression when using oral hormonal contraceptives.