Lotta Borg Skoglund

Swedish MD, PhD, author, keynote speaker specialized in ADHD

Is Your Teenager Listening?

Conversations with Change as the Goal

Original title: Lyssnar din tonåring?

“"...the book conveys inspiration and trust, supported by research, in the idea that cooperation, empathy, and conversations about change is more effective than rigid rules and punishments. […] excellent literature for, for example, a parent group." ”

Torbjörn Vennström in Socionomen


In 'Is Your Teen Listening?', Lotta Borg Skoglund and the award-winning psychologist Liria Ortiz guide you and other parents of teenagers to better relationships with your growing children. You improve your communications skills and get concrete tips through evidence-based methods such as MI (Motivational Interviewing) and CRAFT (Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Training).  

Said about the book:

"The reader is spared theoretical explanations and is instead guided through the methods step by step in an educational and accessible way. The book contains many dialogue examples, both skillful ones and examples of common communication mistakes. The methods aim to bring about positive change. 'Is Your Teen Listening?' is an excellent book for parents. The text mainly focuses on conversations about drugs, alcohol, and destructive behaviors, but also covers general aspects of effective communication. It provides valuable tips on websites and literature." 

Therese Nordholm, BTJ